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You MAY Want to Visit These Colorado Patios in MAY [1]

“Sit Back, Relax, and Unwind!”

With Denver’s season of May on the way, it is our favorite time of the year again – the patio season! Patios for playing games, patios for finding views, patios for people watching, patios for brunch, patios for a late night cocktails – there are numerous golden chic stylish patios for all purposes not only around metro Denver area but throughout Colorado.

These days indeed, spring has sprouted in Colorado, and it would make priceless memories to visit Denver’s favorite patios to celebrate the season with your friends and family. Do not forget to visit their websites and make reservations in prior to your visit, since Coloradans are recently flooding the city’s scenic, iconic, and delicious patios.

Discover Denver Downtown’s Night View, The Woods at The Source Hotel

If you are looking for a chic bar to discover Downtown Denver’s night view, you might want to visit The Woods. (Photo The Source Hotel)

3330 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO 80216

This amazing patio, at The Source Hotel, is one of our favorite places to get our patio on. With incredible views, foods, drinks and more it is easy to see what makes The Woods such a great place to take in all Denver has to offer. Enjoy their rooftop craft cocktails, bites, New Belgium Brews and the best views in Denver. Moreover, this modern and chic restaurant is a fantastic venue to host birthday parties, bridal or baby showers, weddings, receptions, holiday parties and so much more! They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and their happy hour starts from 3pm and ends 5pm from Monday through Thursday. For more information and reservation, you can visit https://thesourcehotel.com/the-woods/.

The Season of Baseball, The Rooftop in Coors Field

2001 Blake St, Denver, CO 80205

While there are a few rooftop bars around the US that offers glimpses of the local team stadium, this rooftop bar is ‘a different ballpark’. Any ticket to a Colorado Rockies game will get you an access to this two-level, 38,000 square foot area in the supper right-field deck at Coors Field, home to the Colorado Rockies baseball team. This multi-level terrace is of course a great venue to catch the action on the field, but also offers some great views over the Denver skyline and the Rocky Mountains.

The space includes premium suites that you can rent out for groups, but it is also a great spot to grab a seat and enjoy burgers, beers and sweeping city views so nice, you might forget about watching the game altogether. Indeed, the season of baseball is roaring in Colorado!

Seek Modern-Chic for this Spring, 54thirty at Le Meridien Hotel

54Thirty Rooftop’s epic scenery in downtown Denver mesmerizes its visitors. (Photo Thrillist)

1475 California St, Denver, CO 80202

Starting with Denver’s highest open-air rooftop bar, 54thirsty is perched atop the Le Meridien hotel. This 20th floor bar, which is named for its altitude at 5,430 feet, is very popular so get there early or be ready to wait. It is indeed Denver’s highest open-air, seasonal rooftop bar in downtown Denver that offers crafted cocktails and globally-inspired bites. Also, with French-inspired décor and a mid-century modern style, matching that of its larger hotel brand, 54thirty brings a crowd that enjoy cool and loungy vibes, classic cocktails and small bites inspired by the hotel’s European roots. Last but not least, the space offers oodles of sun during the day, fire pits on chilly nights, and Instagram cred, well, always. For more information, you can visit https://www.54thirty.com/.

Rocky Mountain View with Priceless Patio, The Golden Mill

1012 Ford St, Golden, CO 80401

When the Golden Mill opened last April, it did not just bring west siders more food options, it also added a great rooftop to the Front Range’s already stellar lineup. Boasting views of Table Mountain and the equally iconic Coors Brewery, the rooftop is the best seat in, or should we say on, the house. Besides the very on-trend food, there is two self-pour beverage walls serving 50 local craft beers, wines,  cocktails, and more. Through unique and authentic food, and a varied selection of the best beer, wine, and spirits Colorado has to offer, The Golden Mill brings people together.

With beautiful Clear Creek flowing by, neighboring bike paths and parks, and ample space to enjoy it all! Just as families and friends gather in their own backyards to eat, drink, and celebrate life, the community of Golden meets at The Golden Mill, to do the same. You can feel free to visit their website for more information and reservation at https://www.thegoldenmill.com/.

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