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Plans for 2022 Valentines? Mile High Nature is Ready for Your Romance

The second month of 2022 is already here and that means ‘the season of love’ is also approaching us. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whether you have been dating for only a few weeks or are celebrating your 10 year anniversary, there is always a little bit of pressure to make this day more “special.”

With COVID-19, many Coloradans had a tiring and exhausting winter having to stay home and dine at home. With hand sanitizers in your hand and mask on your face – of course not in a big group just between two of you – why not take a scenic drive or dine and drink at somewhere new in the mountains?

Luckily, Colorado is a very romantic state that offers a number of unique date night experiences that are guaranteed to make the day feel more memorable. Let us help you with your planning this year by gathering some of our favorite romantic experiences in the mountain area. Whether you are looking to stay low-key, want to live it up at a special event, or want to make it extra romantic – there are a few options for you on this list.

Go on a Romantic Winter Drive – to the Virus-Free Nature!

The scenic drive is not just an activity for warm weather. Try to take a scenic winter hike and enjoy “free” and “special” seasonal pursuit with your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Especially for couples whose first love is nature and spending time together in the great outdoors, Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful opportunity to explore Northern Colorado.

With hundreds of hiking trails and outdoor experiences right outside our doors, there is plenty to choose from when deciding how to best share the beautiful sights with your loved ones and connect with one another and of course, nature. A quick escape to nature in this chaotic stage of fighting against COVID-19 might give you a chance to enjoy some fresh air.

Roxborough State Park’s Trail of Lights (Photo Harem Pants)

Highly recommended is taking on Roxborough State Park, where the contrast of massive red rock formations against the soft, white snow makes the hiking feel like a walk through a fantasy world. Roxborough State park is just a short drive southwest of Denver, filled with dramatic rock formations, distinct plant communities and a variety of wildlife ranging from black bears to mule deer. Whether you are new to the outdoors or an experienced outdoor enthusiast, Roxborough State Park has an opportunity for you.

If you’ve been holding off on visiting Rocky Mountain National Park, this weekend for Valentine’s may be the perfect opportunity to make a day of it. The park’s famous Trail Ridge Road runs between the towns of Estes Park and Grand Lake, topping out at more than 12,000 feet in elevation. Wildlife activity is plentiful this time of year, as the elk mating season or rut, is in full swing. Keep your ears peeled for the high-pitched elk bugle both in Estes Park and within the national park grounds.

Guanella Pass is definitely a romantic pass for the Valentine’s in Colorado. (Photo Lizzie & Marco)

Georgetown is also a great romantic destination for a scenic hiking and fishing. Just about 1 hour away from downtown Denver, the scenic Guanella Pass connects the towns of Georgetown and Grant, passing by Mount Bierstadt and Mount Evans, both of which are fourteeners. Along the 22-mile route, your Valentine’s day drive will travel through a variety of environments – from lush Aspen, spruce and pine forest to expansive meadows to high altitude tundra – as they climb more than 3,000 feet in elevation. The forests are just radiant and the pass is also a popular cycling spot, so you can take in the sights by bike if you so choose.

Last but not least, the Independence Pass is already very well-known to many Coloradans who love visiting Aspen and Twin lakes. What better place to see the magic of Colorado’s pure nature and mountain view than near Aspen? Independence Pass is widely lauded as a ‘Colorado classic’ when it comes to a scenic drive. The drive follows Colorado 82 and crosses the Continental Divide between Aspen and Twin Lakes, both of which are known in their own right for spectacular foliage. Expect twisting roads, steep drop-offs and of course, show-stopping views with your loved one. Bonus: The Independence Ghost Town offers an extra attraction along the drive.

Rachel Y cho
• BA Journalism&Mass Communication, Korea University • BA International Studies, Korea University • MA International Security, University of Denver

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