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[INTERVIEW] Meet bb.q Chicken on Village on the Park (Aurora Location)

“No.1 Korean Premium Chicken Landing on Colorado!”

“It’s not Barbeque! It is bb.q!”

If you are a Korean-style fried chicken lover, you might have already heard about bb.q Chicken’s debut in Colorado. Many Coloradans are already very excited about bb.q Chicken’s upcoming soft opening at Village on the Park located in the city of Aurora. Their soft opening is scheduled for March 23rd at 2495 S Havana St Unit #H, Aurora, CO 80014.

 Not only in Aurora, BB.Q Chicken is preparing its opening in Denver, Englewood and Littleton as well – which is a fabulous news to Korean fried chicken lovers all over Colorado. To briefly introduce bb.q Chicken to any of you who are not familiar with the brand, the name bb.q does not refer to barbeque – instead, it stands for “Best of the Best Quality,” the company says. They are very well known for deep frying their chicken to achieve high-quality and healthy chicken. Their unique recipe creates and completes bb.q Chicken’s lighter and crispier texture. bb.q Chicken’s top seller is the Golden Original available as a whole chicken, wings, boneless and the most popular sauced option among their fans is the Secret Spicy, described variously as tangy, with a hint of spice, and sweet, fruity, spicy and sour, with a punch of garlicky goodness. 

bb.q Chicken stores throughout Colorado will introduce their genuine taste by bringing original recipes as well as ingredients such as all the seasonings and powders directly from Korea, which has also boosted Korean fried chicken lovers’ anticipation. Hence, in order to introduce this unique and popular brand to our readers, Colorado Times met Youzi Seo, their marketing coordinator, for bb.q Chicken’s exciting upcoming journey with Coloradans.

Q #1. Coloradans are very enthusiastic about bb.q Chicken’s grand opening in Village on the Park, Aurora. When is the soft opening and what would be the strength of your Aurora, CO location?

[Youzi Seo] The city of Aurora itself has a large diverse population and can be seen as the center of various cultures, including, Koreans. As Asian and American markets are actively developed, I am sure that many people will find and like the incredible taste of bb.q chicken. You can visit and experience bb.q Chicken’s unique premium chicken starting from March 23rd 2022.

Q #2. A lot of people are aware of the popularity of bb.q chicken throughout America. How did your journey begin for the grand opening in Colorado and what would be bb.q Chicken’s future plans for upcoming openings in Denver, Englewood and Littleton locations?

 [Youzi Seo] On March 23rd, our first location which is the Village on the Park unit in Aurora will hold a soft opening. Afterwards, we will open another one in Denver on Grant & 13th Street and a third one in Englewood at 101 W Hampden Ave Englewood, CO 80110. More details about the opening dates can be found on our website (https://www.bbqchickeneats.com/).

Q #3. As you might already know, Colorado embraces various Korean fried chicken franchises which are loved by many nationalities. What would be bb.q Chicken’s unique qualities and flavors that could change the game plan? And what are the popular bb.q Chicken menu choices in other states?

[Youzi Seo] bb.q Chicken has imported all the seasoning and powders directly from Korea. Therefore, customers who eat bb.q Chicken can feel the real ‘Korean chicken’ itself and not just the Korean-style chicken.

In particular, our signature menu item, the Golden Original, is the most popular because it has a crispy outside and moist inside, while also being made with the cleanest oil and two-day seasoning process.

Besides chicken, K-food is also very popular. Rosetteokbokki, in particular, draws in young people because it adds a creamy flavor to the existing spicy tteokbokki.

Q #4. What would be your personal favorites among bb.q Chicken’s menu? How long have you been with bb.q Chicken and what are the future marketing plans for Colorado locations?

[Youzi Seo] My favorite menu items are Golden Original and Honey Garlic, which are the signature menu items of bb.q Chicken. Golden Original is loved by everyone as it is a classic while Honey Garlic is characterized by its sweet, salty taste and pairs well with beer.

The first store in Colorado is trendy and unique. For example, there is a device that fills beer from the bottom to top using a magnet and robots that deliver food to the customers.

For sports fans, we also want to create a pub-like atmosphere where customers can enjoy watching their favorite teams play while having in the infamous chicken and beer combination. Additionally, we installed a garage in the dining area to give customers a sense of being out in the open similar to being on a terrace.

Q #5. Last but not least, please briefly introduce about bb.q Chicken to our readers – especially if there is any special promotion event or menu to be prepared for Colorado locations.

[Youzi Seo] bb.q Chicken was founded in 1995 in Korea with the goal making the highest quality chicken in Korea. Currently operating 140 stores in North America, it is recognized as the 5th fastest-growing franchise in the United States in 2021.

bb.q has recently been working to spread Korean premium chicken to Colorado residents as well. Fortunately, our first location in Colorado which is the Village on the Park unit, is receiving attention from many people even before its official opening. We are planning to hold a promotion for the residents as a token of appreciation. In fact, it just so happens that Colorado is home to many veterans and what better way to express our appreciation than to provide them with a long-term promotion where we give them an 11% discount (or up to $22) during the 11th of every month. We chose the 11th because Veterans Day is on November 11th. We hope that this encourages many of them to visit our location and of course, we will have more promotions for the rest of the community.

Rachel Y cho
• BA Journalism&Mass Communication, Korea University • BA International Studies, Korea University • MA International Security, University of Denver

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